Welcome Mermaids and Fae

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This is a fun community website and a Pod (refer to Pods! page) for mermaids and mermen.

Don't think that just because you don't want to join the pod you can't make an account. Even if you don't fill the requirements but one day will sign up anyway. And if your just passing through still make an account so this can be a very thriving mer community.


All mermaids travel in pods. Pods usually consist of at least 20-100 mermaids and each one comes with a helpful job that you can do everyday as well a mer career! Check the Pods! page to see what jobs are needed and PM Alexia or Me and we will definitely look into it. But the whole process is kind of a first come first served deal so please ask us ASAP if you find a job that really suits you! :D 

Mermaids are Real!

For those of you that are having a hard time believing in mermaids and fae as a whole they are real.. If you have a hard time believing then you should please check out Kissing Midnight, a successful shifter, 43things page. Some of you may think its stupid to make an entire page on this. If you don't believe you don't believe. But whenever you shift or do a spell there is always a time when you have doubt. Whether its believing in mers and fae or if your trying to become one. This page will keep hope and faith.

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